Best Bicycle Helmets

Cycling is a popular hobby that many people engage in for fun and as a way of exercising. It is a great way of keeping your body fit and healthy while still enjoying the ride. But like in any other activity, accidents happen. In the case of cycling, the accident usually results in minor injuries but depending on some factors such as the speed and the cycling track, severe damage can result.

To be on the safe side when things happen, you should always wear protective gear for cycling. These include knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet. The best bicycle helmet is one that provides good protection of the head while still looking good on you.

Bell Volt Bike Helmet

This bike helmet is suitable for you whether you are a professional cyclist or a commuter. The lightweight design of the helmet makes it very convenient. It weighs only 1 pound. Whether you are shopping for bike helmets for adults or kids, you will find a Bell Volt helmet that matches your needs. They come in all sizes and more than 20 colors and designs.

This carefully designed cycling gear has an amazing ventilation system and fits perfectly well on the cyclist’s head. The extra padding inside makes it even more comfortable to wear.

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Specialized Echelon

The Echelon comes with a universally comfortable fit setup. In regular road helmets, the straps are adjusted using two sliders that are placed below the ears. The Echelon has a simpler adjustment system where you only need to adjust the strap under your chin. This helmet model is available in a plethora of colors that are suitable for both men and women. The Echelon bike helmet is certified by several safety committees including Snell B-90A, CPSC, and Consumer Reports.

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Thrasher Micro Bicycle Helmet by Schwinn

The Schwinn Thrasher is one of the best bike helmets for adults. It comes with a webbing strap that is easy to adjust at comfort. To prevent moisture and keep the helmet dry, the Thrasher features moisture winking. For flexibility, the helmet offers a Dual Fit system. As a protective measure against heat buildup, there are 21 vents. The snap-on visor, on the other hand, protects the eyes against strong sun rays.

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Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmets

The  MPS EVO Catlike 2014 Whisper Road Cycling Helmet is a very comfortable helmet for cycling. It fits nicely on the head by conforming to its shape. It can be used any adult thanks to its adjustable chinstrap which can be used to get the perfect fit. Made of the finest and highest quality materials, this helmet is used by professionals and amateurs alike. It was worn by the gold medal winner in the 2008 edition of the Olympic Gold Medal races.

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Giro Savant

The Giro Savant has a slick design that fits well on most heads. It also looks very attractive and cool. It looks slimmer on the head if you compare it to other models in the same price range. One issue that was reported about this helmet regards the strap yoke adjusters. When the straps were tightened for the appropriate fit, they dug into the faces of the cyclists. If fiddling with straps is not an issue for you, this helmet is a great value for the money.

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Adjustable Bike helmet by V-Share

The V-Share bike helmet is one of the best-selling helmets on the market. With an easily adjustable webbing strap, this helmet can be a perfect fit for many bike riders. The Dial Fit adjustment system further enhances its fit on the head. The ten vents makes the helmet breathable and allow cool air to circulate around the head. The head-sealed cheek pads provide soft padding for the cheeks and handle sweating. Protection against sunrays is provided by the snap-on visor.

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Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet

This is one of the best bike mountain helmets. It weighs only 1 pound which makes it very lightweight. You may not even feel you are wearing a helmet. This helmet combines a stylish design with safety and comfort. The 20 vents cool the head and the adjustable visor shades the eyes. This product is available in 20 colors. Overall, this is one of the best bicycle helmets.

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Giro Sutton

The Giro Sutton is a traditionally designed helmet. This commuter helmet is a great option for many people. It comes with a great ventilation system. The built-in visor on the front allows air to pass through and into the channels running through the helmet. It feels very comfortable on the head.

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Indicator Sport Helmet by Giro

The Giro Indicator Sport Helmet is a durable and robust helmet. The sturdy build of this product makes strong enough to support shocks and falls without chipping. The modern and stylish look of the helmet makes your cycling attire more attractive. The 20 vent holes offer optimum cooling for your head. The polycarbonate shell along with the impact-absorbing EPS liner add to the durability of this helmet. This is an incredibly lightweight helmet that weighs less than a pound.

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Uvex Urban Bicycle Helmet – C410107

The Uvex Urban Bicycle Helmet is one of the best bike helmets for men. Despite its lightweight build, this helmet provides excellent protection for your head. To cool the head and allow air circulation, the Uvex helmet has 15 vent holes. In addition to the padded interior, the surface of the helmet feels soft. The pinch-less buckle is another notable feature of this product. You can buy this helmet in soft black or gray.

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Reverb Helmet by Giro

The Giro Reverb Helmet is another high quality product from Giro. The helmet’s shell is made of polycarbonate material which is sturdy and hard to chip. The surface of the helmet features 9 holes of ventilation. The interior part of the helmet includes a moisture-winking EPS liner. It is great for absorbing impacts. For perfect fitting of the helmet on the head, an Auto Loc system is included in the design. The removable visor shades the eyes from sun rays. The padded chinstraps are another great piece that make this helmet very comfortable.

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Not long ago, cycling helmets looked ugly and bulky. But in the last decade, manufacturers have put great care into making them cooler and more attractive. This resource was compiled to help you pick a helmet from a selection of the coolest bicycle helmets.

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